Transcarpathian Action Plan

In the framework of our Transcarpathian Action Plan we have already helped the people living in Transcarpathia with more than 185 million HUF since September 2014. The political situation escalating in Ukraine since autumn 2013 is increasingly felt in Transcarpathia, among the Hungarians as well. Immediate and effective help is needed as a social disaster situation is emerging in the region. Offerings are still welcome!

Nyilas Misi Scholarship Program

The talent is a treasure! We believe that beyond the hard work and diligence help is also needed to unfold it. Therefore we support students between 10-18 who are not able to unfold their talents due to financial barriers with 9 million HUF in the next school year. Students not only from Hungary but from Transcarpathia, Transylvania, Highlands and Southlands can submit their application for Nyilas Misi Scholarship Program. Let us help children that their dreams can come true!

Summer camp for children in need

Summer is about relaxing, playing and joy for all children. However, there are families in need whose children would never get to a camp promising exciting programs and offering real adventures, due to their financial difficulties.

In December 2014, during the winter holiday we provided three meals a day for 200 children for who Christmas would have meant starvation. Now that summer is here, we give these children the joy of camping as well! Let’s help together!