Crossroads – A complex digital program for a successful career

The essence of our digital catch-up program from EFOP-5.2.1-17-2017-000011 is to provide a helping hand to young people in the Ózd region, with the help of contemporary helpers.

Infinite opportunity – Complex development in the Cigánd district

Through EFOP-1.5.1-17-2017-00006, we had the opportunity to curb the decline in the Cigándi district by developing local communities.

Infrastructure development

Within the framework of the EFOP-2.2.15-16 program, a number of infrastructure investments, developments and procurements are being implemented in order to help us achieving an even higher standard and efficiency.

300 developing settlements

The purpose of the long-term government program is to help the most vulnerable communities. The HRCA began its work in Göncruska, Rice, Dámóc, Zemplénagárd and Tiszakarád.

Safe beginning

We help families in need and their children to catch up and develop at our programs and activities organized at our Bódvalenke presence.

Parents’ House

Our institutions in Budapest and Debrecen help families whose children need long-term hospital care.

Together for Housing Mentoring Program

Our goal is to restore the solvency of indebted families in need, and to maintain safe housing.