Our Foundation operates a digital catch-up program in Ózd, which aims to reach out to young people in the deprived area with the help of contemporary helpers. All this by utilizing the achievements of technology.

The program is multi-component, as we try to help disadvantaged young people in a complex way, family support staff deal with young people and their families, our mental health associate works on self-awareness and prevention, and our career guidance staff assist young people in their career choices.

By the end of the program, a total of 120 students will be enrolled. The direct target group of the pilot project is the 7th-grade pupils of the elementary schools of Ózd. The program involves disadvantaged young people who, in the absence of external support services and models from the family, are exposed to long-term vulnerability and impoverishment due to the risk of career failure, school failure and consequent drop-out and unemployment.

The aim of the project is to provide young people in disadvantaged areas (Grades 7 through 12) with innovative development opportunities and development services outside the institutional system, but in close cooperation with them, not only for the individual but also for the individual. they also respond to surrounding environmental influences and interactions. To this end, the program includes pedagogical, social, health and economic elements that build on each other gradually to achieve the desired goal. Reducing the lack of a qualified workforce and taking preventive action to prevent school failure and early school leaving by providing career guidance, mentoring and personal motivation factors. The changes that occur in the simultaneous work of intrapersonal and interpersonal space point in the long term in the same direction, which is the career model consciously designed and implemented throughout the program. Our goal is to step by step 7-8. Accompany at least 120 students from grade 1 through school and career choices, through graduation to higher education and the labor market, providing ongoing support for school progress, coping with family challenges, developing self-awareness, and peer-to-peer relationships, to preserve health and to plan and realize economically independent living.

Areas of intervention for the project

Mental hygiene, health care
Mental hygiene, self – knowledge programs – (self – knowledge needed to make a career choice) (eg wants to be a baker, but does not know what kind of effort it involves (eg getting up at dawn, etc.)
Drug Prevention & Crime Prevention (Mentor)
Health screening (identification of physical and mental problems)
Supporting access to health care and development
Education area

Pedagogical mentoring, talent identification
Developing digital competences
E-mentoring, contemporary knowledge transfer, preparation, escorting
Handing over a tool for school aggression
Social area

Social mentoring
Family life education, life management consultancy
Development of problem-solving skills
Establishment and improvement of a connection system
Community building,
Helping families
Economic, career orientation area

Career guidance
Developing financial awareness,
Professional mentoring with the involvement of employers
Helping to find a job in the labor market

Project name: EFOP-5.2.1-17-2017-00011 „Crossroads – A complex digital program for a successful career”

Project duration: 2018. június 1. – 2023. május 31.

Project participants: 240 people

Staff: 9 person (1 professional manager, 3 social mentors, 2 pedagogical mentors, 1 mental health mentor, 3 professional mentors)

Amount of the grant: 300.000.000 HUF

Project website: http://valaszut.jobbadni.hu/