The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid can be an important beneficiary for the social responsibility of your company. We offer a number of options for companies that contact us.

How can your company help?

Donating money

The simplest form of donation to help you quickly and efficiently help our charity work and its goals.
If you would like to support a specific program, please mention it in the note!

General donation account: CIB 10702019-85008898-51100005

IBAN: HU67 1070 2019 8500 8898 5110 0005


At the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, we are open to new solutions, common thinking to implement a joint program with the HRCA direction of your company. Do you have a good idea? Feel free to contact us at

Important note: With cash donation you can benefit a reduction in the corporate tax base. In order to issue the appropriate certificates, we need your business tax number. Please note this in the “comment” section of the transfer.

With a generous donation

Material donation is the most tangible form of assistance. Be it food, medicine, household items, they can all be of great help to us.

After the product donation, the donor does not have to pay VAT, and the net value of the donation is reduced to a corporate tax base.

By offering service

Proper expertise is an important cornerstone for companies. At the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service we believe that the services you represent and the expertise of your employees can serve a charitable purpose. Let’s think together how.

Corporate volunteering

Volunteering provides an opportunity for the staff at your company to experience the great feeling of being helped. There are many options at our organization if you are looking for a good community experience. Contact us at if you have any questions.

Why choose the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid?

  1. Stability

    Since 2006, we have been working to help the most deprived, both in Hungary and across borders.

  2. Spirituality

    We regard our efforts for our needy fellow servants as a service.

  3. Diversity

    Our diverse activities provide an opportunity for you to get involved in many areas.

  4. Professionalism

    We believe in complex and long-term solutions based on our professionally trained community, transparent operation and partnership with us.

  5. Dynamic approach

    Since 2006, the number of our employees and volunteers has been growing dynamically, so we are providing our charity service in more and more places nationwide.

Would you like to join our sponsors?

We are looking forward to your inquiry at