This is the third time for Hungarian medical team to assist local people who fled from Myanmar to Southeast Bengal, Cox’s Bazar so that those in need can receive medical attention.

Previously Action for Defenceless People Foundation regularly organized specialist missions in Bangladesh during which 70-80 surgeries are performed on average over two weeks, working around the clock for patients with an injury or developmental disorder who would otherwise have no chance of healing. They already visited Cox’s Bazar’ camp in 2015 and donated 1,000 liters of milk for the refugee camp residents in 2017.

In recent months there was a time when 15,000 Rohingya came to South Bangladesh daily. The overall Rohingya population may range from 1.5 to 2.5 million. Cox’s Bazar is estimated to accommodate 1.3 million (!) refugees so far.

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid and the Action for Defenceless People Foundation hope that their joint mission will prove that the Hippocratic Oath and human values can exceed any borders and limits and that the mission will contribute to the further improvement of the relationship between our countries.

„Our work is just a small drop in the ocean of humanitarian efforts, but we strongly believe that every drop counts in such a difficult situation.”

We ask everyone with their possible donation to stand beside those who are poorer even than us, demonstrating international solidarity, engagement and fraternal solidarity of our Reformed Church.

Bank Account details:

Name: Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Foundation

Address: 1146 Budapest, Hungaria krt. 200.

IBAN account number: HU67-1070-2019-8500-8898-5110-0005


Name of the Bank: CIB BANK Zrt.

Address of the Bank: 1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.

Please write on the cheque or transfer: “Mission Bangladesh”

We welcome all cheerful contributor offering, we know that the most important donation that we can pass on! Please, Brothers and Sisters pray for all victims of the catastrophe, members of mission, blessing and success of the mission of Bangladesh!