The public employment program took place in large numbers with the successful transformation of the workplace and the continuous increase in the number of workgroups during the transition.

The Hungarian Reformed Charity Service Foundation has been the largest charitable national public employer in strategic partnership with the Ministry of the Interior since 2013. It currently employs more than 1350 people in disadvantaged settlements.

In addition to the large number of successful open labor market transitions under our public employment program, we are constantly striving to make wage income self-care accessible to a wide range of people.

The purpose of our charity service is to make public employment available to Reformed churches and institutions nationwide. On the one hand, they can employ workforce to provide jobs for lack of resources (support for church / diaconal work in the public interest, cemetery maintenance, care, minor maintenance of temples, parishes, buildings, social work institutions) there is no other way. On the other hand, the program offers jobseekers the opportunity to work usefully and meaningfully to improve their self-esteem, skills and abilities, and to help those living in low-income, isolated and disadvantaged areas through this program.

One program manager, four full-time program coordinators are involved in the implementation of the program, as one administrator in public employment, 9 as administrators with disabilities and 5 as general office administrator.

In 2016, the Ministry of the Interior awarded the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service Foundation with a diploma for exemplary implementation of the National Reformed Public Employment Program.