Daytime camps

In cooperation with our regional offices and local congregation communities, we organize day-care camps where children from disadvantaged families can evolve from the everyday environment, learning about the joy of creation, and developing playfully in the community.

Carpathian Basin Talent Camp

In 2019, with the support of the National Bank of Hungary, we organized a camp for Nyilas Misi fellows to build a community between Hungarian and Hungarian students abroad.

By implementing a summer camp for scholars, we would like to nurture and strengthen the national awareness of Hungarians in the Highlands, Transcarpathia, Transylvania and the South, and the admission of young people to the scholarship program. During the existence of the Charity Service, it pays much attention to Hungarians living abroad. During the camp, the children had the opportunity to attend a number of lectures and programs related to their talent field, as well as to get to know the jury members and mentors of the program.