The rapid response disaster medical team of the Foundation has been working continuously since 2008.

The team is ready and able to deploy in the event of an industrial, natural, health or humanitarian disaster anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours. The group is completely self-sufficient in missions.

Depending on the number and nature of the disaster and the population affected, we are able to provide 100 to 500 injured per day. This can reach up to 5,000 people in a 10-day mission. The number of people treated also depends on the speed of the intervention, as we initially encounter serious traumatic events. During subsequent missions (after 2-3 weeks) or eg. in refugee camps, we can provide outpatient care by supporting the lost or failed local care system.

In addition to treating injured patients, our team is ready and able to train local health personnel at European level. This was in 2018 in Bangladesh. Several of our team members are Advanced Trainer Support (ALS), Trainer Certified European Trauma Course (ETC). In addition, general prevention of infection, treatment of burns, etc. training on topics.

From time to time, our group conducts screening tests in Transcarpathia for children and adults in order to support the survival of Hungarians living abroad.

Caring for patients and the injured and educating health care staff is a core task of the group. From now on, the group is carrying out a kind of international diplomatic mission, as the embassies and local ministries of the countries concerned are gratefully acknowledging the work of Hungarian volunteers. Our international activities are regularly reported by the press of the countries concerned, the international press and the domestic media. At the professional level, we also represent before the UN specialized agencies that our country, in terms of size and capabilities, assists in dealing with emergencies requiring international intervention.

Missions of recent years:

2008 in Burma

Afghanistan in 2009

2010 in Haiti

In 2011 Japan

2013 in the Philippines

2018 in Bangladesh