Within the framework of our public benefit activities, child protection and youth protection are of paramount importance to helping disadvantaged children living in modest financial circumstances. To this end, we raise donations for children in need and support the studies of talented young people.

The aim of the Hungarian Reformed Charity Foundation is to reach and reach the 14-25 age group. Organize as many youth-oriented, high-quality, leisure and cultural programs as possible, adapted to their needs. We will involve them in our volunteer programs and contribute to the development of a good self-image and to the importance of social responsibility among young people. Our mission is to educate a more conscious young generation, responsible for themselves and society. Our aim is to create an active community of young people in the group. Creating a true community, instead of building and living relationships on social networking sites. We want to bring about an attitude change that can help them in their career choices, self-advocacy, and self-image development. Our programs develop these competencies: teamwork, creativity, decision making, autonomy, empathy, acceptance.