100 million forint worth aid offered by several Hungarian charities is sent to the ones in need in the Carpathian Basin by eight trucks. The customs clearance happened on Monday.

The supply contains non-perishable food, medical aids, and hygienic products but since this is only a temporary help Mr Sándor Pál the chairman of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid’s advisory board emphasized the importance of the continuous presence and the spiritual aid in the region.

’The people are prostrate, the insecurity is huge.’- he said on Monday in the morning programme of the M1 TV channel.

In Ukraine the value of money deteriorated to its one third in the past year, in many households even paying the overhead expenses presents a problem and the jobholder men are conscripted to the army.

Besides us, Caritas Hungarica, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, the Hungarian Red Cross and the Hungarian Baptist Aid are involved in the current project to which the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation (EMIH), the Saint Luke Greek Catholic Charity Service and the Hungarian Johanniter Order joined. The Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as the local government of the Ukrainian minority in Hungary took part in ensuring the convoy reach Ukraine.

To be able to make the indigents in Ukraine feel that they are not alone, we help them and are open to any generous help.