Seventy talented children from Sub-Carpathia arrive on Saturday in Budapest. Our help was needed because of the financial difficulties of the families caused by the Ukrainian civilwar situation and economical crisis. Without it the children could have hardly come to the qualifying round of the large scale competition.

“We, the fellow-workers of the Hungarian Calvinist Charity Service believe that talent is a treasure. We know that to its unfolding not only persistent diligent work is needed, but sometimes luck and help. That’s why we had decided, that in cooperation with MTVA we support the young competitors from Sub-Carpathia of this year’s competition “The peacock flew up.” – said Dominika Szabó our communication leader.

We provide not only the trip, accommodation and catering is provided to the children coming from Sub-Carpathia to Budapest, but we support the competitors, who are admitted to the semifinal later on as well.

They come into our Misi Nyilas Scholarshipprogram, which ensures regular financial support to students from Hungary and beyond the borders, who have modest financial possibilities.

Not only the excitements of the Sunday’s competition await the children from Sub-Carpathia in Hungary. During their stay Dóra Szinetár guides them on a sightseeing tour along the sights of the city, they take part in a cauldron-party in City Park, where also surprise guests (former Peacock winner artists) await them, moreover they themselves do the audience from Budapest a favour with a short song- and danceprogram, which they perform on Saturday at 15:30 at Heroes’ Square.

“A long way is ahead of them in many sense. Both we and our partners who took part in the enabling the programs expect the visit of the young ones very much! –Dominika Szabó added.