In the academic year 2015/2016 our Nyilas Misi Scholarship Program will be launched in a rethought, reorganized, expanded and open application system and with an independent professional jury.

arcok_01   Who can apply?

Socially disadvantaged 5-12. grade students (10 year-old but not yet 18 year-old) participating in the Hungarian education in Hungary and across the border, highly talented in any draughtsmanship (music, dramatics, fine arts, cinematics, dance), in any kind of sports (individual, team), or in natural history, liberal arts (Hungarian language and literaure, foreign language, mathematics, history, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, IT) can submit their application in order to get support for their talent.

arcok_06   The amount of the scholarship

Available support is 5000 HUF/person/month for the academic year 2015/16 (10 months). Thee non-refundable aid is paid by bank transfer.

Regarding the use of support the applicant can use it for improvement – membership fee in an association, equipment rental, tutorial support (in school if the school doesn’t provide it for free; private lessons), competition entry fee, travel expenses, gig/performance/play.

Way of submission of the application: via this website (

arcok_04   Details

The official date of submission of the application depends on the area that overlaps in some cases due to better transparency and easier processing of applications received.

  • First term: applications are welcome from Hungary and Slovakia from 15. September 2015 until 29. September 2015. During these two weeks applicants only from this area can apply via electronic interface.

Deadline of submission from Hungary, Slovakia: 15-29. September 2015

  • Second term: applications are welcome from Transcarpathia and Croatia from 22. September 2015 until 6. October 2015. During these two weeks applicants only from this area can apply.

Deadline of submission from Ukraine, Croatia: 22. September 2015 – 6. October 2015

  • Third term: applications are welcome from Transylvania and Serbia from 30. September 2015 until 14. October 2015. During these two weeks applicants only from this area can apply.

Deadline of submission from Romania, Serbia: 30. September 2015 – 14. October 2015

  • Applications received after the deadline will be rejected without any substantive criticism.
  • The final decision will be made by the professional committee.
    The expected deadline of the applications’ assessment is 30. November 2015.
  • All applicants will be informed about the result by email.

arcok_03   Conditions of submission of application

  • At least a medium or above scholastic record in the previous academic year at the end 2015 (school record card of the end 2015)
  • Certificate or recommendation from the person who thinks the applicant is an outstanding talent; factors affecting the applicant’s social situation: lives in a large family, orphan, semi-orphan, the parent is single, there is an unemployed person, a person with chronical illness or with disability living in the same household as the applicant.
  • Furthermore, a family circumstance occurred in the family that caused the family lives in a worse financial condition than the average so the applicant is prevented from the improvement of his/her talent.
  • An attached document (video, audio recording, photo) about the discipline in which the applicant is talented. A document confirming competition results (up to 3 certificates, not older than 5 years)
  • Extra point: active participation in community work

arcok_07   Further information

For more information: Zsófia Fejér, program coordinator.

Tel: +3630/303-8051


Our goal is to create an opportunity for the youth to unfold their talents and achieve their goals. Can the applicant be an athlete or an artist, excellent in maths or a to-be chemist – we will appreciate and support the talent! To be continued!

By donating you can contribute to realization of dreams of needy but talented children!