bodvalenke_vigassagok   Bódvalenkei-freskófalu

The worldwide known project has been taken over by the Reformed Curch Aid in 2010. The main idea was quite simple: to invite talented gypsy artists in a small village in Borsod, which is populated by gypsies in 95%, to make full wall paintings on the houses. On the one hand, the global aim of the project was to create such artistic values which could make the gypsy people proud and evoke the acknowledgment of social majority. On the other hand, the local aim was to utilize the attention projected to Bódvalenke mainly by means of truism, to help raise the village from deep poverty.


Festivities of Bódvalenke

Thanks to Festivities in Bódvalenke the reputation of the small village has been increasing: it gives place to best world music event of Northern Hungary with talented musicians, poets and other performers and draws more visitors each year. Over the great experience of art and colorful culture one of the most important aspects of the festival is to mobilize two socially unique and completely distinct audience: the local gypsies with difficult living conditions and the middle-classes of the cities. These two types of audience practically would never meet beside Bódvalenke however during the festival they sit together and enjoy the values of each other’s culture. The unconcealed purpose of the festival is social sensitization and to encourage people to give donations since without the support of Church Aid residents of Bódvalenke would live in even more difficult conditions.

With the help of Hungarian Reformed Church Aid you are able to donate and help the people of Bodvalenke! Every small donation counts!

The date of the festival is 7th -8th August and its official program is available on Facebook and can be downloaded from here.

The festival is sponsored by the National Cultural Foundation and Ministry of Human Resources.