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MRSZ help in the refugee camp of Debrecen

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid will provide medical service in the BÁH refugee camp of Debrecen. The organisation with the Charity Council’s member organisations joining forces, and with cross-checking the structured, reasonable commitments, will provide medical sevice for the residentials of the refugee camp in Debrecen from the 1st of August.



Now in the Debrecen refugee camp about 1600-1800 people live temporarily, coming from 60-65 different countries. 10% of the residentials are children. Among this quite numerous mass, who arrive to this institution searching for shelter, the need and claim for basic medical service is significant, and also for medical, pharmaceutical pills, medications. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid with the help of the Charity Council declared to provide general medical service, gynecological specialized care and basic medicaments for the residentials of the camp from the 1st of August in 2015.